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Lightning and Shadows written by Brian Hill and Dee Power (Thriller/horror)

What would it feel like to be stalked by….lightning?

A small group of people who share the terrifying experience of having been struck by lightning are trapped by bad weather in a remote mountain lodge and become convinced the lightning is going to hunt them down once more. One member of the group, a young university professor, discovers that it was no accident they arrived there, and must overcome her own fear to lead them down the mountain to safety during the most horrific storm imaginable.

Neptune’s Jewel by Brian Hill and Dee Power (Action/Romantic Adventure)

Jill’s pirate ancestor Maria left a fortune behind in the Bahamas with the hope that one day her descendants would discover it. When Jill takes up the quest, her treasure hunting adventure quickly turns into a nightmarish battle for survival when everyone she thought she could trust betrays her—including her husband. Alone and desperate, she is forced to team up with an enigmatic stranger. But this may be a choice that gets her killed...

Dog Magic by Brian Hill (Drama/Action)

It’s A Wonderful (Dog’s) Life...

In this life-affirming magical drama, young entrepreneur Steve could have given up on life after losing everything to a crooked business associate, but his remarkable dog ‘Magic’ helps him fight back and regain all he had lost. When Magic’s life nears its end, an unusual doctor shows Steve there is amazing power in the bond of love between man and dog, and Steve repays Magic’s loyalty with a miracle. (Semi-Finalist, 2008 Scriptapalooza)

Invitation to a Mystery by Brian Hill and Dee Power (Romance/Mystery)

A 1940’s Palm Beach tough-guy detective reaches across time to help Tom find the girl he is meant to fall in love with, and to warn him that she may be destined to suffer the same fate as the detective’s true love in 1946—being murdered. Tom doesn’t believe him until he reveals the secret of why history is going to repeat: Tom was the detective in a past life. Can Tom become as heroic as the detective and get her out of danger?

Fort Defiance by Brian Hill (Action/Adventure/Supernatural)

The Arizona Territory, 1895...The depleted Troop in a desert Army outpost is the only thing standing between a band of desperados and an immense cache of gold. But this gold has been guarded for hundreds of years by vengeful spirits with the power to kill. The legendary Cavalry officer commanding the Fort must somehow unite bitter adversaries—soldiers, settlers and Indians--in time to battle the desperados...and the ghosts.

(2nd Prize, 2005 Phoenix Film Festival screenplay competition; Finalist 2008 Screenplay Festival competition)

Ghostfire written by Brian Hill and Dee Power (Action/adventure/mystery)

A young venture capitalist puts his career--and life--on the line when he uncovers corruption in his firm and a political scandal involving the descendant of a legendary Western lawman. A mystery from 1905 and a modern-day mystery unfold together, with remarkable similarities: a mineral strike, a murder, a cover-up. A contemporary ghost story with a Western film flavor.

Our Screenplays have been recognized in national and international competitions including 2nd Place in the 2005 Phoenix Film Festival screenplay competition, Finalist in the 2006 FilmMakers International Awards, Semi-Finalist in the 2008 Scriptapalooza competition, and Finalist in the 2008 Screenplay Festival.

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