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The Publishing Primer

How to Get Your Book Published

book publishersAre you ready to get out of the slush pile?

book publishingCan you find the right agent, editor, and publisher?

book marketingDo you know how royalties and advances are calculated?

publish a novelWould you like to boost the marketing of your book?

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Articles and Columns by Brian Hill and Dee Power

Brian Hill and I, Dee Power, are the authors of

The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories from Authors and the Editors, Agents, and Booksellers Behind Them,

Attracting Capital From Angels

Inside Secrets To Venture Capital

Over Time , the novel

Business Plan Basics, and

58 Ways To Find Money for Your Business.

We have been published by the big New York houses, self-published, been published by print-on-demand and have three Ebooks published.

We know book publishing.

Can you get your book published? Should you self-publish? Find a traditional, commercial publisher? Use a publish-on-demand company? Whatís a literary agent and do you need one? What do acquisition editors at the big publishers want to see? How do you get your book into bookstores? Who do you contact for reviews? Whatís a sell sheet, an ISBN, an ARC, or a platform? How do you get your book on Amazon.com?

Where can you find the answers to those questions and more?

The Publishing Primer: A Blueprint for an Author's Success

First I have to say "Thank You" for making this fine book available.

I didn't know what to expect when I first received your book. I was thrilled to find that it was jam-packed with news-I-can-use, rubber-meets-the-road information. Finally I had found someone who had actually practiced what they preached to take me by the hand and guide me toward getting published.

Tony Spann Read Tony's complete review

Whether you are a new author, a self-published author, a seasoned pro, or even someone just thinking about writing a book, The Publishing Primer is an invaluable resource packed with honest, straightforward information that is easy to find and gets to point. Every author needs this book. This little book is a gem!

Gayle Martin, Author of Gunfight at the O.K. Corral: Luke and Jenny Visit Tombstone Read all the reviews

Brian's and Dee's book is a true godsend of information on the publishing industry and the writer's place in the publishing process.† It provides a thorough overview of the whole affair as well as warnings on mistakes to avoid.† That information coupled with the generous provision of addresses and resources have convinced me that this book would be a vital resource for any serious writer.

Sherry Grunder, Freelance Writer Read all the reviews

There are only three alternatives to take your manuscript from your computer to the bookstores:

Commercial publication
Vanity/Subsidy publication

None of the alternatives are easy. Each has its own challenges. And just getting your words into a book doesnít mean bookstores will buy it.

The Publishing Primer tells you what you need to know with practical, straight forward advice and over 100 specific resources and contacts to help you. Youíll get an overview of how publishing works, how books get in bookstores, and find the best route to your publishing success.

See you on the bestseller list!

Dee Power and Brian Hill

Dee Power and Brian Hill have done it again! Their new book, The Publishing Primer is a must have for any serious writer. Meticulously researched, the book contains valuable information that will help beginning and experienced writers make decisions about their publishing future.

Michael Murphy, Author of Try and Catch the Wind Read all of Michael Murphy's review

Contributing Experts include:

Marketing Fauzia Burke, Shel Horowitz, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Paul J. Krupin, Theresa Myers, Stacey J. Miller, Gene Taft, Lissa Warren

Booksellers Daniel Goldin, Mitchell Kaplan, Michael Powell, Barbara Meade, Gayle Shanks

Publishing and Production Joe Chengery III, Michele De Filippo, Dr. Spencer Johnson, Margret McBride, Cathi Stevenson

This Ebook is a terrific nuts-and-bolts guide for beginning to advanced authors seeking information on writing, publishing and promoting books in the latest technological trend in publishing.

Shelley Bueche Read all the reviews

We didn't rely just on our own personal publishing experience. Nearly 60 successful literary agents, 60 acquisition editors at major publishing houses, 25 bookstore owners, 50 newspaper book editors/reviewers in addition to the experts mentioned above, contributed to, or were interviewed. You find out directly from the source how to play the publishing game and win.

While reading The Publishing Primer I became reinvigorated, so excited to take action that I had to stop reading to flesh out ideas that had been lingering in my mind for months. Iíve read dozens of books on writing and publishing, but none have ignited my imagination and boosted my confidence like The Publishing Primer

Beth Williams Read all of Beth's Review

Hereís what youíll Get

A Quick Overview of the Book Publishing Industry

21 Elephants Thatís a Lot of Books: How many books are released each year
Sitting the Elephants on the Shelf: How books get in bookstores
How Bookstores Select Titles
How the Bestseller Lists Work
What Boosts A Book to the Top of the Bestseller List?
Frequently Asked Questions About Publishing

Whatís a Literary Agent and Do You Need One?

The Probability of Publishing
Publisher or Literary Agent?
Do You Need an Agent?
Finding an Agent
What Do Agents Want from You
Why Do You Need a Query Letter and How to Write One
Perils and Pitfalls: Whom Can The Beginning Author Trust?

The Publisher Says Yes

The Path to Publication
What Should Be in a Book Proposal?
Should You Follow Up?
What Happens at the Publishing House
Money, Money, Money: Advance$
After the Advance: The Editing Process
It Starts With Marketing
Got Your Platform Handy

Self-Publishing, Publish-on-Demand, Vanity/Subsidy Publishing

Whatís the Difference Between Self-publishing and Vanity/Subsidy Publishing?
What Does POD Really Mean?

Self-Publishing Your Book

Cover Design
Manuscript Editing
Interior Design and Formatting
ISBN or International Standard Book Number
Determining the Price of Your Book

Publishers Are Not Exempt from Questionable Practices

Keep These Warning Signs in Mind

Getting Your Books in the Bookstores

Itís a Challenge
Sell Sheets

Power Up Your Publicity

Establishing an Internet presence
What should be included in your media kit
On to the press release
Set up a press release distribution schedule
Develop your media list
30 Free press release distribution sites
Establish yourself as an expert
Can You Convince Independent Bookstores to Carry Your Book?
The Great Mystery of Amazon.com
Convincing the Chain Bookstores to Stock Your Book
Marketing Plan Format
Our Marketing Experts Answer Writerís Questions

From Booksellers: What Every Author Can Do to Help Bookstores Sell Your Book

Media kits, sell sheets, ISBN's, platforms? And you thought the hard part of creating a book was the writing. Thanks to Dee Power and Brian Hill's newest, The Publishing Primer, writers can focus on the writing. This tightly focused book leads readers (and writers) through the maze of agents, publishers, printers, bookstores, and book critics by offering winning advice on how to check out potential agents, when to send ARC's (advance review copies) and how to get a self-published book on store shelves.

Pamela White, www.foodwriting101.com, publisher of Food Writing, an online newsletter, and of Make Money as a Food Writer in Six Lessons, available at Amazon.com Read all of Pamela's Review

† I've just finished reading the book, and my oh my - what a FANTASTIC read it was. Undoubtedly the most informational and useful ebook I have ever read. A thrilling read, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Dave Cocozza Demand and Deliver

Ö this book should be a mandatory purchase for any new author who ventures out into the publishing world, naive and hoping that a guardian angel will swoop down and help them. This book IS that angel; keeping the potential bestselling author on the right track and guiding him/her along the way to a successful writing career, keeping clear of the scammers and those who would take advantage of them. Whether you've just finished your book; seeking an agent or a publisher or have already started considering your publicity tour this is a valuable resource that can't be passed up!

Sheryl Nantus www.sherylnantus.com Read all of Sheryl's Review

The Publishing Primer tells you:

What boosts a book to the top of the bestseller list?

Advertising? Think again.

How to submit your book to literary agents

Keep your query letter out of the slush pile.

How to submit your book directly to publishing houses

Write a book proposal that grabs the publisherís attention, Terry Whalin tells you how.

How publishing houses make the decision to publish a book

Itís all about your platform. Shel Horowitz shares his secrets to being a terrific radio guest.

What to expect after you have a publishing contract

Audio, electronic, foreign language, TV and film, so many rights.
And letís not forget the advance ($$$) for the author.

Dr. Spencer Johnson discusses trends in publishing.

Should you self-publish or use a vanity/subsidy publisher?

What does POD really mean?

What to expect when you self-publish.

Cover design tips from Cathi Stevenson
Carolyn Howard-Johnson tells you why you need an editor
Joe Chengery III tells you why clean editing is essential.

How to get your book in bookstores

Sell sheets are your secret weapon.

What should be included in your media kit

Theresa Meyers shares their pointers
Fauzia Burke explains how websites can boost your book.

Can you convince book reviewers to review your book?

Yes! And 50 newspaper book editors tell you how.

Getting in the book chains

Whatís the one thing that will make or break your chances?

But that's not all

The Publishing Primer includes:

18 pages of specific advice on press releases, marketing, and promotion from our four marketing experts.

The Publishing Primer

$14.95 ISBN 978- 0-9740754-4-2, Javelina House Publishing. 146 pages, over 50,000 words. Ebook PDF format. Printable. You can order by credit card or Paypal through Clickbank then download your copy immediately.

 The Publishing Primer For only $14.95 you can get your hands on information that provides you everything you need for your book to be a success. Just click on the cover to order through Clickbank.

P. S. You have nothing to lose. 100% money back guarantee for 8 weeks after purchase.
Any questions? Email theauthors@(nospam)brianhillanddeepower.com Remove the (nospam) from the email addy.

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