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Patches P. Power

Patches is the black and white cocker spaniel in the photo. Our four month old Irish Setter, Rose is sitting next to him. Rose is now two and a half and weighs 70 pounds.

Weíve been very fortunate to share the life of a special person, well dog actually, but to us he was a member of the family. Patches P. Power, aka Patchie, is in puppy heaven now. Iím sure heís telling Saint Peter itís got to be near dinner time, or slapping one of the angels on the leg with his paw to remind that angel to share the heavenly repast. Food was one of his favorites. Although he maintained a sleek physique because of the diligent efforts of his friends (heíd be insulted at the word owner, and completely miffed at the term master) he would have preferred to be a porker.

Patches spent the last nearly 16 years with us. We do our writing in our home offices so thatís where he was every day. His favorite nap spot was under Brianís desk, although he did like to sleep in the corner of Deeís office on occasion. He always kept one eye open when snoozing with Dee. She was the one who brushed him, cleaned his ears, put his medicine on his Ďowiesí and well she never could be trusted to be far from the bath tub.

Brian was the one who fussed over Patches, made sure his water was fresh and his dinner just the way he liked it. Patches could count on Brian to take care of him in every way a puppy needed most. Watching TV meant Patches was cuddled up next to Brian with his head in Brianís lap.

Bubbles was his favorite game, the kind kids play with the soapy solution and hollow bubble wand. In his prime, which was up until he was 14, he could jump two feet straight up to catch the bubbles. In the NBA that would translate to a vertical leap of nearly seven feet considering the average height of the players.

He had a good heart, but a stubborn streak and he was smart, too smart. What a combination! He could plot how to snag your sandwich, distract you and then make you laugh with the genius of his plan.

He was our best friend through the good times and the not so good times. Always there to greet us, always happy to see us. We love you Patches and we miss you, put in a good word for us.

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