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Synopsis of The Making of a Bestseller

Making of a Bestseller The exciting journey to the top of the bestseller lists, as seen through the eyes of celebrated authors, editors and literary agents. Over 175,000 books are published every year: the odds are less than 1% to successfully climbing the bestseller list. What separates the winners in the battle for bestseller status?

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The Making of a Bestseller synopsis
Authors, editors, agents, experts and booksellers interviewed
Table of Contents
The first chapter of The Making of a Bestseller Chapter One

People are fascinated with bestselling authors, who have become every bit as much celebrities as rock musicians or motion picture stars. Their names stare at us everywhere, from the bookstore displays and airport or grocery store newsstand racks. We read about the incredible amount of money they make and the (seemingly) glamorous lives they live. Through some mysterious process most of us donít understand, they take blank pages and turn them into gold.

Brian Hill and Dee Power interviewed over 50 successful authors, publishers, editors, agents, book reviewers, and other experts to find the answer. The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories from Authors and the Editors, Agents, and Booksellers Behind Them presents a comprehensive look at the publishing process from start to finish. Authors and would-be authors, individuals in the publishing industry, and passionate readers will learn:

How bestselling authors approach the craft of writing and marketing their books

The many different paths authors take to the top of the list

The impact a first bestseller makes on an authorís life

The workings of the selection process, from the query letter to the decision to publish

How publishers know a book has bestseller potential

The agentís role in helping create a bestseller

Factors and events that influence whether a book makes the bestseller list, including TV "reading book clubs," the review process, publicity, marketing programs, and timing

How Hollywood impacts the reading public

While there are scores of books on how to write, publish, or market a book, there hasn't been a book that pulls together a comprehensive look at the entire publishing process from the bestseller perspective. Who better to tell the story than those who are involved at the very frontlines of publishing?

The road to the top of the bestseller list is a fascinating journey, with much at stake for everyone involved. We will show the tension, surprises, and joy as all the elements fall into place to build a winning book. We hope to make the reader feel what the author feels as the process unfolds.

One might think of The Making of a Bestseller as a giant panel discussion (fortunately not everyone talks at once). When the reader finishes this book, he or she will really understand what separates a bestselling book from all the others that are published. Avid readers of fiction and nonfiction will find fascinating stories behind some of their favorite authorsí works.

The Making of a Bestseller Dearborn Trade, March 2005 is available at bookstores nationwide and online booksellers. You can order your copy now.

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